Gricey RT New Collection

We are proud to announce Gricey RT's new collection. She highights in her geometric art women in arts, inventions, mission and business. You can acquire any of this art pieces on her website Frida Kahlo: Mexican self-portrait artist and feminist. Yoko Ono: Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist. Princess Diana: Member of the … Continue reading Gricey RT New Collection


Where Do We Go Now – Director Nadine Labaki

by Charlie Brewer Where Do We Go Now is the story of a small Lebanese village threatened by Christian-Muslim conflicts. The village is unnamed. The time is unspecified. It could be anywhere, anytime The men in the isolated village get along well with one another, until they get wind of the international conflicts between their … Continue reading Where Do We Go Now – Director Nadine Labaki

II Poetry Contest: I can see her

by Emma Beckenham In the distance A woman wearing confidence Like a pearl necklace Unafraid of her future And unaffected By the circumstances She finds herself in For you see She is me A few steps ahead And although I'm not there yet She is cheering me on And I can see her In the distance.