II Poetry Contest: She Fought

by Anuj Abraham

She has suffered.
She has endured a lot.
She has seen the worst.
She has been a failure, a lost cause.
She suffered in silence.
She hoped.
She was caged.
She was humiliated.
She was tortured, mentally.
Disrobed of her peace but
She fought.
She survived.
She was cheated.
She was destroyed.
But she fought.
Wounds were not her weakness,
It became her strength.
Pain became her ally.
Scars reminded her of her grit & determination.
She didn’t just survive, she lived.
She is not just a fighter.
She is a warrior.
She is now fearless.
She is strong.
She is mighty.
She is you!

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II Poetry Contest: One day…She WOKE up…

by Annie

One day…She WOKE up. She REALIZED….that the environment in which her generation existed was fictitious. She embarked on a journey… She OBSERVED, EVALUATED, and learned to APPRECIATE LIFE! She got in touch with her spirit, and recognized this as her identity. She removed the value from her body and placed it on her heart. She trusted her mind and her soul. She made mistakes and some bad choices, but accepted these along with her flaws and gracefully moved on. She reclaimed her innocence; yet continued to grow as a woman. She bathed in knowledge. She believed in love
& paid no mind to opposing parties.

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The Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development , Sen. Aisha Alhassan, on Saturday said the Chibok girls were ready for academic session in September and pleaded with abductors to release the remaining girls. Sen. Aisha Alhassan disclosed this during a lunch with the released Chibok girls and their parents in Abuja. “They will be […]

via NEWS : Sen. Aisha Alhassan – Released students (Chibok girls) to resume school in September — OKWY BLOG


II Poetry Contest: Daughter listen to me

by @theframedsky

Daughter listen to me
you who may never be
for I fear for the future
the future we are trying to shape
slowly but with haste we are pushing
for you to never have to fear
never have to question your feelings
Daughter trust me I’ll keep pushing
to be a better person
so I wont be but an obstacle
for those striving to change the minds
the archaic few who keep us
from ever meeting
Daughter believe me the world
isn’t always going to be just
but maybe one day we can make it yours
I can see you now in the brightest spot of my being standing on your own two feet unquestioned for your abilities are the proof
strong as the woman I knew you could become


II Poetry Contest: The Enigmatic Woman

by Self

You know,
The woman.
Of fancy curves,
Riding you to wild fantasies,
You know.

But do you know?
The enigmatic woman,
Who doesn’t hails matriarchy but only absolute equalism.
A diligent woman of dignity.

The enigmatic woman,
Who can march you to victory,
Came from a hidden legacy of warriors through history.

The enigmatic woman,
Who is ever unhindered through ages,
By periodical atrocities.

The enigmatic woman,
Who never learned to surrender,
To the chaos between pen and spice.

The enigmatic woman,
An impeccable benevolent woman,
A crack of dawn she is.

Sadly! You won’t find her on demand,
Because she ain’t gaudy.
A lifesome soul,
Of beauty and sanctity.

Found only then,
When not seen,
Through ‘His’ eyes.


II Poetry Contest: Dress appropriately?

by treepokok

I dress according to the weather,
what’s the matter?
She hikes her skirt up
a little short,
what’s on that little mind of yours
nothing but dirty thoughts?
Control yourself
not her clothing.
Avert your eyes,
what are you thinking?
She is wrapped in cloth from head to toe,
oh now she’s mysterious,
and your head is still spinning.
You need perhaps
a little more respect
to chase away the lust
that’s eating up your head.