Our Team


Vanessa Daniela – Producer, Researcher & Artist


One of her main interests is using art as a form of expression for traumatic experiences, and that led me to the experimental documentary “The Eye of the Master” in 2015, which follows the lives of five unsuspecting artists, unknowingly expressing their innermost feelings while interacting in an artistic environment. After that successful experience and amazed by the results of the power of self-expression through any type of art form, she created We Are All The Same.

Marione Tomazoni – PR & Producer


She has produced a number of events such as the acclaimed Sao Paulo International Film Festival, the Billy Elliot and Madagascar musicals and The Vatican Splendors Exhibition. She is the founder and Director of TZM Communications, the boutique PR and Production company based in Sao Paulo specialized in Entertainment.

Mariana Laviaguerre – PR & Social Media 

She has worked with Universal Pictures, San Francisco Center for Economic Development, Cinépolis, Sony Pictures’ International Publicity and many other companies as a PR and marketer.


Camila Gancho Portella – Portuguese Writer 


Physical Fitness Professional (CREF 92.445-G / SP) and collaborator of Ambulim, a specialist in Applied Nutrition to Sports and Physical Activity (EEFE – USP) with improvement in Gerontology (FM – USP) and Eating Disorders (Ambulim – HC – SP).

She works as a personal trainer and is also a collaborator in the Ambulim, activities of corporal practices for patients with eating disorders, Eating Disorders Program of the Hospital das Clínicas, São Paulo, Brazil.