Poetry Contest: When You Fall

by  Laura Santner

You will fall
And oh will you fall far sometimes
And not know where to go
And not know where you went
And not know how to speak
But child,
You will learn
Take it all in
And write your sorrows
To find your joy again
Show yourself hope
That got caught in your heart
It’s ok to be uncertain
It’s ok to feel alone
Gather your strength
And I promise child
You will pick yourself back up
And rise
And shine
You will have these moments
And remember that despair is fleeting
Look beyond your dark days
Love your limitations
And think
Because new doors will open every dawn
And discoveries will be made
My child, oh child
You can be that star you dream of
But you must dare to dream it to begin


Happy Any Kind Of Celebration!

IMG_4530.JPGThe last days of the year can be overwhelming, happy and/or sad. However, it is a good moment to reflect what we went thru, to give back and write down our next years’ resolutions. Independent of your beliefs, I invite all of you to be respectful to and accept each other. Also, be thankful for everything good that happened to you.
Even though, we know that a lot of you went and/or going thru a lot this year. That you might be out there: fleeing in a war, perishing in poverty and/or being abused, and I ask whoever or whatever you believe that enlighten and protect you and your family.

Wishing a better year for all of those that is perishing and everybody else.

I thank everyone that supported the blog and the social media channels on the last three months. We are a new group that together will try to make the best to promote gender equality and women empowerment’s.

I hope God give me strength to continue this project and help local communities and also people’s around the World. We had people from India, USA, Brazil, Ecuador, and Israel reading our blog. I do expect to reach people from more places. Be free to share your opinions and thoughts thru poetry and/or other forms of art. The blog is here for me and for you.

Here and there we expect to promote equality. We Are All The Same and we inspire for a better life. Be respectful, be kind, and respect each other.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Kwanza!

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Happy any kind of celebration!!!


Vanessa Daniela

Image Source: Stocck.adobe


My Name Is Brooke Axtell and I Was Sex Trafficked at Age 7 in the US

“My Name Is Brooke Axtell and I Was Sex Trafficked at Age 7 in the US” is the first episode of the series called “Real Women, Real Stories”. The series gives voice to women that were trafficked and their journey to reach their personal goals.




Brooke Axtell is the Director of Communications and Survivor Leadership at Allies Against Slavery, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking.

According to The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. 55% of them are women and girls and 26% are children.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline and Polaris BeFree TextLine statistics reports that the Hotline receives around 100 calls per day and have registered more than 29,800 cases in the last year.

If you need help contact please contact:

The National Human Trafficking Hotline 1 (888) 373-7888

Polaris BeFree Textline Text “BeFree” (233733)

#wearethesame Urging to place women’s empowerment


We Are All The Same Project ideas started with my sketchbook, #weareathesame, that I made for The Sketchbook Project organized by the Brooklyn Art Library.

#weareallthesame is a piece that tries to translate the pain and the blood of every single woman who is suffering from sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Every person who touches this book is literally going to be marked. I hope that attention-getting effect pushes each individual to speak out about these issues.

I witnessed domestic violence in my family, and it is very challenging to talk about it. The victims and the aggressors of my life were people that I love and I loved (passed away). In summary, the internal mental and emotional scars are going to be carried with me for my entire life; these memories are translated to people around me thru my speech and anxiety. Speaking out thru art and media is fighting against domestic violence and human trafficking.** It is also an urging to place gender equality and women’s empowerment paramount within our society.


Every time that I meet my friends from college, they remind me how crazy I was for reporting illegal transsexual prostitution, writing about drug trafficking, and dreaming about covering national and international wars. The dream never happened. I believe that my choices were for the best in order to heal various personal issues.

However, an outstanding opportunity to be working for the research department of Half the Sky a few years ago made my urge of speaking out about society issues awaken even further. Working for only six months, I had the opportunity to speak with people from different cultures and classes who were trafficked, who suffered all kinds of abuse at home and on the street. So many stories were told to me, and so deeply moved me, that I decided to do my own research after I finished that project. My friends from college, and I, applied for a different fund in Brazil to report stories of women that were forced into slavery in the sex tourism industry, girls who were trafficked into Spain and many more sad stories of kids who are sexually abused by their parents by the age of 5.

Shocked, by how some people can be so cruel, combined with my own experiences of witnessing domestic violence, made me create this project to speak up about the abuses, but those negative actions also promoted the gender equality and women’s empowerment I am driven to make a reality now! My personal goal is to study deeply how race, sexual inequality, history, women’s behaviors and combined projects are the sequential result of an abusive society.

Click here to see more pictures of my sketchbook:

5 Helpful Ideas For When You are Struggling — MakeItUltra™

Written by Official Contributor: Caitlyn K., MA. (USA) Founder of: Living Without Limits Independence is highly valued in America. We are also workaholics, and we have trouble taking time off and taking care of ourselves. The statistics are there to back it up. But sometimes, it all gets to be too much. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, a […]

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“Equality is better for everyone”

Sandi Toksvig talks about Women’s  Equality on TED Talk. The Broadcast personality and politician encourages women to get involved into political leadership.

“Equality is better for everyone.”

Come on people, let’s activate! Let’s change the world! I know we can do it, and it wants doing!”

Find the link below for the complete talk.

Sandi Toksvig



Only One Can Win — MakeItUltra™

Dear Readers,

I follow MakeItUltra and I believe this post is going to help us to manage our thoughts. We should learn how to redirect our mind from negative to positive thoughts. A positive mindset will help us to engage in prosperous activities and support our healing process.

Inspire for a better life.

Written by Guest Contributor: Monica Bains Founder of: MO(B)TIVATION Our mind is the sole controller of our thoughts, behaviors, actions and feelings. We are capable of changing the outlook of our lives by having a positive mindset…if only it were that easy. We all go through hardships and challenges throughout our lives and even hit rock […]

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The Forgiveness Workbook created by The Butterfly Project

Dear Readers,

As we all know, forgiving somebody who has hurt us is very hard, but I encourage you to try all the tools that are available to heal your heart and mind. I came across the workbook, Forgiveness, created by The Butterfly project and decided to share with you this guide that might make the healing process manageable.

The Butterfly Project is an organization, located in Houston, Texas, that provides help to women that is going or went thru an abusive relationship.

To learn more about The Butterfly Project:


To download the Forgiveness Workbook complete copy:


“Remember, the road won’t be easy, but at the end, it will be worth it.”

Inspire for a better life.


A Spiritual Decathlon Through Self Awareness

by Kristina

Ten years is a long time to let someone have power over your heart, mind, body and soul.

It is an adequate amount of time to rummage through memories of what is and even mourn the losses of what could have been.

It is a long time to carry the weight of loss, shame, guilt, and self hate.

It is a long time to always frame every man you meet next to him, the pimp, the trafficker.

He told me I was nothing.

Feeling like chattel, as he prodded and peered into my self.

Stealing my sense of security and esteem.

Allowing myself to accept my descent into the enveloping tomb like feeling of no return.

For ten years, I let him him tell me I was nothing every time I gave up on my goals, my dreams, the things that made me feel alive.

Each year, giving him a little more of me.

Feeding his ego, his reputation, his power…

While I slowly became a reduction of my former self.

For ten years, I allowed someone who no longer had access to my mind or my body, completely ravage my soul.

His nonchalant and matter of fact demeanor, I will never forget.

His ability to cruise right through every ocean of me that was forbidden and sacred.

Sending wave after wave of destruction through my life, for ten years.

And for ten years, I let him.

He is locked up, still.

However, I gave him all the access he needed to ruin me.

I gave up.

I let him invite me to places and spaces where I would be his muse; embodying the nothing he aspired me to be.

Placing arbitrary values on myself, for ten years.

Ten years, I sit today.

In awe and look back at what I have given up, and what I have.

How one can adapt and survive.

The beauty that is resilience.

The love that is forgiveness, of others, and very importantly, of the self.

A lot of pain can pile up in ten years if you don’t/can’t/won’t take the time to sort it.

If you numb out, give up, scapegoat, and self blame.

Ten years can be a revolution of the self.

Ten years is the advent of my own conscious awareness to reclaim my self,

Declaring, go forth and be great.