Poetry Contest: Respect

by Marlee Roberts

I think you forgot who you were dealing with
and for a moment, I almost forgot
her too.

She is not a passive woman who waits idly for your return. She works.
She is not a subdued woman who shuts up when you begin to speak. She has a voice.
She is not a reticent woman who suppresses how she feels. She delivers.
She is not proud woman who can’t own up to her mistakes. She asks forgiveness.
She is a not a scapegoat for your own flaws. She is not to blame.
She is not a doormat to be stepped on. She deserves respect.

She is back. She is strong. She has overcome. And she will again.


Happy Valentine’s Day

by Vanessa Daniela

Shouting real love to each other.

Behind the worthless past, we reunite in a peaceful world.

With a equality state of mind, we express our gratitude for having each other.

No poverty, no war, no disrespect…

Only harmony and order united in each peace of land.

Cosmic blessings covering our minds with wisdom.

Our wisdom building communities with love –

where freedom and respect are incorporate without hesitation.

Being encouraged, being supportive and being proactive.

Close to perfection, close to heaven, close to apex of love…

Overflowing happiness and sharing meaningful words to everyone

Uncountable times thankful for having you all in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!