Gricey RT New Collection

We are proud to announce Gricey RT’s new collection. She highights in her geometric art women in arts, inventions, mission and business. You can acquire any of this art pieces on her website

Frida Kahlo: Mexican self-portrait artist and feminist.Frida Kahlo

Yoko Ono: Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist.Yoko Ono.jpg

Princess Diana: Member of the British Royal family.Princess Diana.jpg

Marilyn Monroe: American actress and model.Marilyn Monroe.jpg

Marina Abramovic: Yugoslav performance artist.Marina Abramovic

Mother Teresa: Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic-run and missionary.Mother Teresa

Amelia Earhart: American aviation pioneer and author.Amelia Earhart

Iris Apfel: American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon.Iris Apfel.jpg

Caja Wessberg: Swedish professionally represented model and award-winning illustrator.Cajsa Wessbaerg

Sensitiveblackperson: founder of Art Hoe Collective.Sensitiveblackperson

Talia Bro: Danish art hoe from Instagram.Talia Bro

AURORA Aksnes: Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer.AURORA aksnes

La Marisoul: (Marisol Hernández) Mexican-American singer from the “Santa Cecilia” band.Marisoul

Gricey Rangel TrejoGricey RT


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