Domestic Violence – SEEK HELP!

untitledDomestic violence can include and is not limited to:

  • *Physical violence:  Hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects, battery
  • *Emotional abuse: Name calling and threats
  • *Financial abuse: Preventing access to bank accounts, credit cards or other financial resources
  • *Sexual abuse: Any forced sexual activity
  • *Spiritual abuse: Keeping someone from going to a place of worship or using scriptures to justify abuse.



In the US: Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).

In Canada: Visit ShelterSafe to find the helpline of a women’s shelter near you.

In the UK: Call Women’s Aid UK at 0808 2000 247.

Worldwide: Visit International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies for a global list of helplines and crisis centers.



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