II Poetry Contest: Father’s Bride

by infinite thought diaries

The bright sun was like a dark night,
Any ray of hope was out of his sight,
Doing wrong was a daily thing,
Missing his happiness the lonely king,
But thn she came with a new life,
His heart’s queen his forever wife,
Though just in dreams but yet so near,
And only dreams was the place when he had no fear,
Though now she had gone far away to come again,
Leaving him behind to face all the pain,
But he had to live for the princess she left behind,
To Teach her life lessons and strength of being kind,
She grew up as loving as the queen,
Had ferociousness of the young king,
She was the replica of the old queen,
Old King’s success was to be seen,
She fought hard for the father’s pride,
For his lost confidence and his kingdom in wide,
Where discussion of daughter being Superior gets people to divide,
The old king was proud of her daughter’s stride.


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