II Poetry Contest: Whole

by Susan Llewelyn

For a long time I couldn’t go there
look at that gapping hole
instead I smoked it, drank it,
ate it whole and wore it out
trying everything but actually seeing
the Grand Canyon in my soul
Forged by the eternal mystery of time
a travelling caravan of well worn
loves and hurts, I turned away
so many times, until eventually life
won’t let anything be ignored, least of all
I wish someone had told me
all those years ago that to fill the void
I just had to look into the mirror
and say you’re pretty damn fine
a good person, over and over, repetition
reinvented the soundtrack of my life
until one day l had a new jam
on permanent rewind. Hole?
Well that’s just a construct
of an unreliable narrator
I am as I’ve always been
brilliant, priceless


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