II Poetry Contest-Second Place: Sacrifice

by Paris Holmes

Utilizing OUR bodies to carry and give life.
Sometimes giving up dreams to focus on being an amazing mother or wife.
Replacing OUR last name with trust.
Sacrifice is strength which is implanted in US.
The amount WE have to love repeatedly, even after abuse.
The necessary roles WE fill or even the ones WE don’t choose .
The strength WE contain to do what it takes to provide for OUR own, when force to be alone, or to survive.
Strength is consistently permanent within US.
Love gives US an undeniable drive.
Uncontrollably seeping through OUR hearts.
Subconsciously giving a piece of OURSELVES to love as hard as WE can.
Even during moments that are unplanned.
WE are the absolute definition of essential.
Plethora of possibilities to offer in life.
Way beyond potential.
Because WE are resilient, OUR need on this earth is a must.
To show men, boys, and especially little girls what it’s like to be amazing creatures like US.


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