II Poetry Contest: The Winners

poetrycontest Dear Participants,

I want to thank you one more time for participating in the contest. We got submissions from different parts of the World, and we are very happy for reaching women and girls in urban and rural areas of Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Americas.


You should be proud of speaking up about your feelings, your life, and our rights. Making the society aware that every minute a woman is disrespected, violated, and abused.


Art is a tool for us. By expressing our traumas and thoughts into written words and/or visual arts we are translating the pain, and demanding changes.


I read and re-read every single poem. Some of them made me cry, others made me happy and stronger. I wish I could give everyone the first prize. Please consider yourself a winner. Congratulations to everyone!!!

I sent an e-mail to all of you explaining that was very hard to pick only one.  I made the decision to award three poems according to the judges and then finally my vote. 

I have the honor to congratulate:

First place (judges’ votes): Jen Liz “See nothing can stop her now” 

The poem will be posted tomorrow 5/15.

Second place (judges’ votes and my vote):

Paris Holmes “Sacrifice”

The poem will be posted Tuesday 5/16.


Rahmat, a 300lvl student of Adult Education “I’m a woman, in pride and honour I glow” 

The poem will be posted Wednesday 5/17.

Thank you for your touching words!!

Congratulations to all of you!!

Inspire for a better life!!


Vanessa Daniela





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