II Poetry Contest: Strong (A poem for Woman)

by Charis Ayuk

I am the spring that waters,
the wind that blows,
the air that fans the hearth –
raising the fire to life

It is in me you plant
the seeds of life
that I water
It is the best of me
I bring forth
at every harvest

I am the crashing waves,
the burning sun,
the glowing moon –
that speaks to you;
telling you of my fears and frustrations
sharing my joys and sorrows…
Only if you are worthy.

I am capable –
if you give me a chance
Or if not,
I make my own

I am here to prove nothing
Yet, I prove my worth
again and again…

I am strong –
not because of you
But because
it is all I can be…


10 thoughts on “II Poetry Contest: Strong (A poem for Woman)

  1. Yes, Charis Ayuk, this poem resonates with a muscular flow imbued with the cosmic potentials of feminine elegance and rhythmic rebirth. Very statuesque!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s engaging, imaginative and captivating with a somewhat positive energy that leaves the reader hoping for more with a feel of suspense. I’m proud of you Charis. Keep soaring!

    Liked by 1 person

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