Female Poets Expedition Series – Brazil

This week’s female poet is from Brazil. 


Cecilia Meireles was a Brazilian poet part of the Brazilian Modernism movement. She was orphan by the age of 3 and was raised by her grandmother. Cecilia started writing poems when she was 9 years old and later dedicated her studies to primary education. Her first book, “Espectros,” was published in 1919.

During her career, Cecilia participated in conferences and symposiums around the World. She thought literature at the University of Texas and also earned the Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of India.

Meireles promoted educational reform and the construction of children’s libraries in Brazil.


I sing because the moment exists
and my life is complete.
I am not happy nor sad;
I am a poet.
Brother of the ephemeral
I do not feel joy nor agony.
I cross nights and days
in the wind.
Whether I break down or build up,
whether I stay or disperse,
-I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know if I stay
or walk away.
I do know that I sing. And the song is everything.
It has the eternal blood of a rhythmic wing.
One day I know I will be mute:
-nothing more
Indeed, there are lots of great female poets in Brazil. Let us know your favorite one.
Source Image – Revista Bula

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