Poetry Contest: What Happened to Sarah?

By Liz Leighton

She was like an expensive dog:
An elaborate pedigree
Paired with a high-strung demeanor
That intensified with age

Upon a senseless flight of fancy
I looked up her death date on Wikipedia


To see if her spirit had flown from her body
Into that of my unborn daughter
So that they may be one

No such luck

I was probably some babbling termagant in my last life

Do you think he did it?

Somebody did it.

But do you think he did it?

I don’t know

She said he did it

He said he didn’t do it

To disbelieve would be a betrayal

I don’t think he did it

But she would know better than I

God stands on the scaffolding of Heaven
But does not deign to look at his mess below


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