Poetry Contest: Peacock

by Alexandra Anna Romanczuk

You pry open my pages professing
You’ve read this novel before

Distant and bored

I am a myriad of women

Rewritten every day

Hold me up to the light

Prism am I

Behold the rainbow sight

I am no fish to be caught

In your omniscient silver net

You will not possess me

Though you claim my hip with your hand

I could not bear to be yours

I am Earth’s daughter

Voluminous, blossoming

I am a woman- luminous

The dance of creation swims

In the sway of these too wide hips

For every art

There is a critic

I do not need an offhand sonnet

From an offhand man

To know I am a treasure

You are transparent

A puffed up peacock

Go- I will not bleed


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