Poetry Contest: Queen

by Patrice Jackson

A queen,
who quintessence should be felt
when making an entrance
leaving a distant, tactile memory
while her spirit leave an ambivalent
feeling on the mind of other queens
trying to figure out her personality
and class

A queen will never settle
her luscious taste is superior
like fine wine
the smell of her prestige fragrance
aroma lingers in the air like a tropical sea breeze
her persona is standoffish and quiescent
bring about envy of another

A queen honors her king
when the connection become rough
she doesn’t distress
she walks with her head uplifted
makes an immolation choice
go into her private surrounding
she go within intercessor prayer
for her king; family

A queen with sky-high confidence
have bittersweet moments
from fellow women
her flamboyant psyche
leave a sour taste
she is often arcane by a few
many try to figure out her secrets


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