What is the “Global Gag Rule” and what does it mean for Women and Girls?

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Two days after the Women’s March, the new president of the Unites States signed an executive order reinstating the Mexico City Policy, popularly known as the “Global Gag Rule”. The moment was captured in an emblematic photo: Donald Trump – surrounded by men – signing an order that so significantly affects the lives of women around the world, in what many described on social media as a picture of patriarchy.

But what exactly is this controversial policy, and what are its implications for women, girls and beyond around the world?

1) The…

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Ecoutez-moi by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet in iTunes


I don’t normally post on Tuesdays but today is The International Day of the Girl and this is such an important issue. This video is called Ecoutez-moi by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet on iTunes. It is dedicated to the rights of girls/women and especially to our right to an education. It is sung in French because French is the second language in most North African countries. Malala Yousafzai is a strong advocate for these rights and she nearly lost her life in the fight. All photos of Malala are from the public domaine. 3:41 min. 2 MB

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Poetry Contest: I’m Better Off

by Alivia Massimillo

I’m sure you’re expecting a text
Wondering if I have planned in my head “What comes next?”
But don’t worry,
That won’t come.
Unlike most females my age, I’ve grown numb.
I fear commitment, enjoy breaking ties,
I’ve learned the power and worth of a bunch lies.
Love has proved powerless, in essence, fool’s gold
Struck with heartbreak,
I’ve become someone you can’t shake
So wait for my text,
I assure you, unlike your initial thoughts, I won’t be planning what’s next.

Poetry Contest: Respect

by Marlee Roberts

I think you forgot who you were dealing with
and for a moment, I almost forgot
her too.

She is not a passive woman who waits idly for your return. She works.
She is not a subdued woman who shuts up when you begin to speak. She has a voice.
She is not a reticent woman who suppresses how she feels. She delivers.
She is not proud woman who can’t own up to her mistakes. She asks forgiveness.
She is a not a scapegoat for your own flaws. She is not to blame.
She is not a doormat to be stepped on. She deserves respect.

She is back. She is strong. She has overcome. And she will again.

via Inspirational Woman Interview: Esther Dingemans — Inspirational Women Series

Esther Dingemans is the director of the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation, based in the Netherlands, with a branch in Switzerland. Together with world renowned activist Denis Mukwege, the organization puts rape as a weapon of war and conflict related sexual violence on the international agenda and lobbies for scaling up support for survivors. Previously, Esther […]

via Inspirational Woman Interview: Esther Dingemans — Inspirational Women Series

Poetry Contest: Peacock

by Alexandra Anna Romanczuk

You pry open my pages professing
You’ve read this novel before

Distant and bored

I am a myriad of women

Rewritten every day

Hold me up to the light

Prism am I

Behold the rainbow sight

I am no fish to be caught

In your omniscient silver net

You will not possess me

Though you claim my hip with your hand

I could not bear to be yours

I am Earth’s daughter

Voluminous, blossoming

I am a woman- luminous

The dance of creation swims

In the sway of these too wide hips

For every art

There is a critic

I do not need an offhand sonnet

From an offhand man

To know I am a treasure

You are transparent

A puffed up peacock

Go- I will not bleed

via Abused… Remember, You Are Not Crazy — The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

Abused… with some memories a little hazy? Well rest assured… remember, you are not crazy. For abusers twist truth… and pound you with repeated lies… as a way to control and manipulate… while the real truth is disguised. And after years go by… and the web of lies has grown… sometimes it takes others to […]

via Abused… Remember, You Are Not Crazy — The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

Via HuffPost Women: What It’s Like To Get An Illegal Abortion, From 4 Women Who Know Firsthand

I believe that abortion will be always a polemic subject.  Each person has their own reasons and we should respect their choice.

By Huffington Post

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-2-14-42-pmhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/what-its-like-to-get-an-illegal-abortion-from-4-women-who-know-firsthand_us_58ab00f9e4b037d17d29a993?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004 via @HuffPostWomen

Poetry Contest: Queen

by Patrice Jackson

A queen,
who quintessence should be felt
when making an entrance
leaving a distant, tactile memory
while her spirit leave an ambivalent
feeling on the mind of other queens
trying to figure out her personality
and class

A queen will never settle
her luscious taste is superior
like fine wine
the smell of her prestige fragrance
aroma lingers in the air like a tropical sea breeze
her persona is standoffish and quiescent
bring about envy of another

A queen honors her king
when the connection become rough
she doesn’t distress
she walks with her head uplifted
makes an immolation choice
go into her private surrounding
she go within intercessor prayer
for her king; family

A queen with sky-high confidence
have bittersweet moments
from fellow women
her flamboyant psyche
leave a sour taste
she is often arcane by a few
many try to figure out her secrets