Poetry Contest: Please don’t

by Sophie May

Please don’t catch me when I fall, because I want to be the one who knows how to pick herself up.

Please don’t whisper me sweet things, for I don’t quite understand those words yet.

Please don’t tell me you love me because I have yet to learn what love really is.

Please don’t serenade me with soft songs, for I will not be able to hear the music.

Please don’t tell me I’m beautiful because I can’t see what you do.

Please don’t tell me it’s going to be ok for I have heard that so many times those words have lost their meaning.

Please don’t tell me to be quite as that will only make me yell louder.

Please don’t get mad at me when I shut off for you don’t know the pain held in behind these doors.

Please don’t stay with me because you think I can’t live without you because you could not be more wrong.

Please do not think that I am only as much as you make me for I will not be changed by you.

Please don’t get mad when I cannot do those things the girls in the short skirts and tight tops do, they aren’t me.

Please don’t compare me to other women, I don’t want to be boxed.

Please don’t try and take me, for you will never find me and you will never own me or any other woman.


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