Poetry Contest – Freedom

by Wendy Lee Klenetsky
Sure, he was her boss and a man whom
she had to obey and with whose wishes she
had to comply.
And sure, he had treated her shabbily;
having used HER creativity to his own
advantage, and taken all of the credit
upon its success.
And sure, he had taken for granted
her loyalty and continued support,
since he was certain that she NEEDED
this monotonous job.
But when she had walked VICTORIOUSLY 
out of his office, having finished
telling him just what he could DO with
his “lousy” job, his face revealed a
look which clearly showed that THIS
was something on which he had NOT counted.
And sure, aside from getting his “goat”,
there was one more thing which he hadn’t 
IMAGINED her getting.. HER FREEDOM!!!

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