Poetry Contest Second Place Lucy 8

by Jessica Broutt

Lucy is beautiful
She has plump little pink hands
And black hair that curls
Just at then ends

Lucy is fearless
She squashes bugs on her way home
Even though they were on the grass
And not on her cement path

Lucy is smart
She can count to 500
If someone helps her out at the hard parts

Lucy is tall
She towers over the tallest boy in her class
By a full inch

Lucy is beautiful
Inside and out
She gives her snack away when Marjorie
Forgets hers
And the snack was frosted animal cookies
So you really know its true

Lucy is wise
She listens to her teachers conversations
And devises plans for how to divide up the class
In different reading groups
But most of all Lucy is herself
And as much as she pretends and plays
To be someone else
Somewhere else
She’s never seriously thought of being
Anyone else


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