Poetry Contest: Please don’t

by Sophie May

Please don’t catch me when I fall, because I want to be the one who knows how to pick herself up.

Please don’t whisper me sweet things, for I don’t quite understand those words yet.

Please don’t tell me you love me because I have yet to learn what love really is.

Please don’t serenade me with soft songs, for I will not be able to hear the music.

Please don’t tell me I’m beautiful because I can’t see what you do.

Please don’t tell me it’s going to be ok for I have heard that so many times those words have lost their meaning.

Please don’t tell me to be quite as that will only make me yell louder.

Please don’t get mad at me when I shut off for you don’t know the pain held in behind these doors.

Please don’t stay with me because you think I can’t live without you because you could not be more wrong.

Please do not think that I am only as much as you make me for I will not be changed by you.

Please don’t get mad when I cannot do those things the girls in the short skirts and tight tops do, they aren’t me.

Please don’t compare me to other women, I don’t want to be boxed.

Please don’t try and take me, for you will never find me and you will never own me or any other woman.


Poetry Contest: Done Right

By Alison Johnson

She held the tiny child gently over her thigh,
Patting her back, this child in the pink knit cap and pink striped onesie.
Her munificent smile, her mild face tilted.
This child made of rubber, this doll.
“I am re-parenting myself” She said, holding the small one to her shoulder.
“She will only hear what a child should hear.”
“Just this morning I told her that her hair doesn’t stink.”

Reblog: My Attempts at Facilitating Change in Rural India – Girl’s Globe

In my final year of medical school, as I was reading a chapter on Maternal and Child Health, I came across a table of mortality rates elaborating the health status of mothers and children of my country. They were dismal and though I could see that progress had been made, to my 20 year old brain, […]

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I Survived for a Reason

Girls' Globe

By an anonymous writer from Afghanistan

My parents wanted a son,
My birth disappointed them.
A few weeks after I was born,
My grandfather was killed.
My mother thought I was bad luck.

When I was 6 years old,
Our neighbor’s boy sexually harassed me.
I spent my childhood in fear.

The Taliban closed my school,
They ruined my best days.
I was unable to go out without my father, brother, and a burqa,
Like a prisoner in my own home for six years.
My body was a sin to them.

They attacked our home a few times because we were Shia Muslim.
They beat my parents and brother in front of me.
They hanged my mother’s two young cousins from a tree.
Deprived of their own humanity, they dehumanized the rest of us.

I had my first marriage proposal at the age of 10.
I saw my cousins getting…

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Poetry Contest – Red

by Pradita Kapahi

Red was the color I wore on our day,
Red on my body, Red on my forehead,
Red, was the color of your lust that first night,
When Red trickled forth from between my thighs,

Red too was the color, I ken,
When your hand would strike my conscience, my body, my face,
And my screams were Red, crashing into black,
In our love deprived marriage, an empty space.
Red was the color when I lost my womb’s fruit,
When you raped me the night after, Red was the color too.

Now Red is the color when I see you,
Not Red like love,
But fire, rage and pain,
Red like blood.

So tonight when the trigger I did pull,
Red was the color that seeped through your skull,
But White is the color I feel,
White for a woman free at last,
White for a soul at peace…

Poetry Contest – Freedom

by Wendy Lee Klenetsky
Sure, he was her boss and a man whom
she had to obey and with whose wishes she
had to comply.
And sure, he had treated her shabbily;
having used HER creativity to his own
advantage, and taken all of the credit
upon its success.
And sure, he had taken for granted
her loyalty and continued support,
since he was certain that she NEEDED
this monotonous job.
But when she had walked VICTORIOUSLY 
out of his office, having finished
telling him just what he could DO with
his “lousy” job, his face revealed a
look which clearly showed that THIS
was something on which he had NOT counted.
And sure, aside from getting his “goat”,
there was one more thing which he hadn’t 
IMAGINED her getting.. HER FREEDOM!!!

Reblog – An Introduction to Human Trafficking

Originally posted on Justice Network: There are still many people who know little about human trafficking, or tend to think it is about immigration issues. A good video to share to introduce to people towards a better understanding of what human trafficking really is, is this: The NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking created a toolkit…

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I Am Not a Stereotype by Deborah Palmer.

I am not a Stereotype

Stereotypes Hurt.  No More Labels!!

Women of all colors, races, religions ethnic groups and nationalities face double jeopardy. 

I will not be defined by the narrow conventions of your mangled mind.

Me and Patti LaBelle got a new attitude.


I will not be typecast by the slant of my eyes, the color of my skin or country of origin.

I am a Woman of faith of dignity who demands and commands respect.

I refuse to suffer indignities of your racist sexist perversions.

I follow the laws of God as dictated by my belief system whatever it may be.

I am not an exotic playtoy or life size Barbie doll existing only to gratify, satisfy or fulfill your twisted sadistic carnal predilections.

I am not the one and today is not your day.

I will not be afraid and will not back down.

I am not a victim.

I am more than a survivor.

I am defiant.

You do not have license to ill.

My height, weight, shape do not delineate me as a loose woman or a hot number.

I am not your Ethiopian Chocolate Fantasy or submissive Asian delight found in the back covers of men’s magazines.

I am not your Indian Maiden with feathers in her hair or a sari wrapped around her waist.

If I’m a Lesbian nothing between your legs will make me straight and certainly does not impress me.

Whatever fever you got, be it Jungle Fever, Yellow Fever, Red Fever, Hot Spicy Latina Fever, I’m about to throw cold water all over it and knock you out cold. Get over yourself. You’re not all that and a bag of chips.

I choose who, when, where and if I will lay my body down.

I am the Goddess and only the worthy may gain access to the Temple. As Women we are called to maintain order in the Universe. Ladies ~ Realize your calling.

Ladies sexual abuse, workplace bullying and sexual harassment is the Elephant in the Room that everybody sees but fails to acknowledge its presence. Instead we step lightly around him hoping he will go away of his accord. Do not remain silent.

Speak up. Speak out.



Poetry Contest: Women Are Power

by Nicole Deleon

Women are power
They try to talk down on us like were cowards
Juvenile thoughts let their brains be consumed
by idiotic views and heated fumes that leaves our hearts bruised
I hope theres still hope and were not doomed
Us ladies have to stand up
Can’t take the abuse anymore
Its all so abrupt
In this world thats just a bit too much corrupt
Tenacious inflations
led to believe the lies fed to us through those tv stations
Chaos runs through the static
Leaving everyone in a panic
Attacks that aren’t even announced
Women are shoved like were renounced
Other countries have no choice
To I’m hear to scream out to the world
To show them they still have a voice
its time to rejoice
Labeled as a minority
Doesn’t mean we lack authority
Have no fear
Were have to make ourselves clear
We can get that job because we worked for it
Don’t give us the excuse that were unfit
This can’t be the reason to our being
All that we know is just misleading
They don’t prepare us for the worst
Yet the worst is happening and we have to take it forced
But of course our minds are meant to fight and go
Against the world with world with no remorse
Books and words from the ones before
Only told us the good about the world
Taken by surprise
When they told us how to live our lives
If we live by that , might as well be tranquillized
All of us are the same
Same destinations
but different trains
Stories of happiness or pain
After the storm theres always gonna be sunshine rays
No matter what theres always a way
To speak up no matter how trapped you feel today
Fear your crowns cause were all queens
Gender rules seem so obscene
Some are tied down to the track and can’t be freed if everyone just stands Around to record the scene
its us against them
Were a bigger team
Attack society cause we all know the truth
I’m less but only after ruth
I’m greater than the nasty words society have stated
Why are we trying to live in a world full of hate that this race created
I feel like punching the one who made it
Separating my thoughts from the ones my souls alleviated
i hope you get the gist
Change the world without your fingers curled in a fist
Were the planets most beautiful creation
Nobody knows how to show a decent demonstration of inspiration
and proper communication
opportunity and inclined aspirations
What were living now is just full of segregation
and with all that we still have to have an obligation to our nation
filled with all this deprecation
We need a transformation
Lets write our own declaration
its about making a stronger foundation
so equality can arise
so we don’t have to walk around in disguise
Wise minds dont apologize
be you and fight for the things you should be able to say or do
make everyone get a clue
Enough with females feeling like their color has to be blue
inside it might be true
But the self pity book is way over due
hold your head up and make the difference
time to show out
Dont be afraid to be vigorous
im sick of ignorance

Poetry Contest Third Place Wisdom From A Tree

by Sequoah Glaster

There many different kinds
Some are tall some have vines
But one thing they all have in common
Is the deep powerful femininity from the divine
All life forms need their nurturing energy
Giving it’s life force so selflessly
so that we could all breathe
The one who stand strong and silent
But speaks a message with such volume and clarity
She is the one who teaches us to give love no matter what and unconditionally
And to follow in her divine essence
That is the wisdom from a tree.