Happy Any Kind Of Celebration!

IMG_4530.JPGThe last days of the year can be overwhelming, happy and/or sad. However, it is a good moment to reflect what we went thru, to give back and write down our next years’ resolutions. Independent of your beliefs, I invite all of you to be respectful to and accept each other. Also, be thankful for everything good that happened to you.
Even though, we know that a lot of you went and/or going thru a lot this year. That you might be out there: fleeing in a war, perishing in poverty and/or being abused, and I ask whoever or whatever you believe that enlighten and protect you and your family.

Wishing a better year for all of those that is perishing and everybody else.

I thank everyone that supported the blog and the social media channels on the last three months. We are a new group that together will try to make the best to promote gender equality and women empowerment’s.

I hope God give me strength to continue this project and help local communities and also people’s around the World. We had people from India, USA, Brazil, Ecuador, and Israel reading our blog. I do expect to reach people from more places. Be free to share your opinions and thoughts thru poetry and/or other forms of art. The blog is here for me and for you.

Here and there we expect to promote equality. We Are All The Same and we inspire for a better life. Be respectful, be kind, and respect each other.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Kwanza!

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Happy any kind of celebration!!!


Vanessa Daniela

Image Source: Stocck.adobe



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