Unedited Story of Melissa

December 10, 2015

by Melissa

A year ago today I woke up for the first time in awhile feeling happy. Night prior he packed his things, we went and turned in his key and this morning he left. Why did I think it would go that smoothly I don’t know. 3hrs after I got to work the messages started pouring in “your this ..” “your worthless” “how you put me out like this”. Mind you this was for all purposes a grown 37 year old man. I still can’t say I was shocked at what I found when I got home that night. My son and I got home around 7 because my car was in the shop so we had to take the train around. Opened the door and it looked like a truck ran thru my apartment. Furniture flipped over cut ripped and destroyed, all my clothes cut into pieces.


Realized that the only clothing I owned was the tee shirt and skirt I was wearing. Christmas items stolen, my sons electronics gone. Pure craziness. That’s what the cop said when he arrived “What kind of person would do something like this.” A narcissist that’s who! There was nothing the cops could do because both our names were on the lease even though keys had been turned in. And come to find out he did turn in A key but obviously had a copy.


I thank God for family and friends that helped me pick up the pieces. He never came back, well at least not the times I was there packing up what little was left. I tried filling an EPO but of course nothing in the messages or emails I saved were really life threatening. I attempted to go thru with pressing charges on an old domestic violence incident, the first time he beat me. I was past the statute of limitations. I was stuck. He was really going to get away with everything and I had no one to blame but myself.  I should of went thru with pressing charges the first time. Maybe things would of turned out differently. But honestly I can’t play with shoulda, woulda, coulda game. 

I’m blessed regardless. 

I was able to get out. Those things he took from me were just that..things! Replaceable. My life and sons life aren’t. 

A year later I’m in a better mind set. I’m able to talk about it, something I never thought I’d do. I always thought it’d be my secret. But who does that help? Not me and certainly not someone who maybe going thru it. I’m happy, I’m in love with a great man. 

I can say I have forgiven my ex. It wasn’t easy. But I had to do it for me! 

My prayer is that by me sharing my story I’m able to help someone. So if you know someone in similar situation share these posts with them. Most importantly don’t tell them what they should do just be available and ready to help when they’re ready. 


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