II Poetry Contest: Once

by  L.L. Lynch

I was free once-
Back when we were making memories we didn’t know were memories.
Back when my hair was long and wild, just like our summer nights and my dreamy life.
Driving around in the dark with the windows down, looking for sprinklers to jump through until we were soaking wet and our t-shirts were as transparent as my eyes for you, the day we met.
We’d finally drive home and run from one apartment to the next; out the hall and down the steps; walking in unannounced because, that’s what real friends do.
The movie nights with all the oldies who sometimes brought the someone new
With charming smiles and an instant connection; soaking wet and transparent, from that very, very first moment. I was free once. Dancing in our pretend rain; playing out our pretend family game; and in my lucid dreams I choose to go back there again and again.


II Poetry Contest: The Blue, The Moon, The Stars & I

by L.L. Lynch

The blue, the moon, the stars and I
All in the dark we do reside
Our faces bright as mountain sides
Whose flesh is clothed like virgin brides.

Constant as the tides we are
Both high and low and near and far
Deceptively strong yet weak and starved
Like ballerinas at the barre

We exist for you both more and less
Until you lose all interest
And then you’ll watch with baited breath


II Poetry Contest: Nirbhaya

by To every girl who has faced physical and sexual violence like rapes

Do you remember
that night of December
when I shouted and cried in pain
but all my efforts went in vain…
You molested me and played me like a toy
and did all this just for your joy….
Didn’t the rakhis on your wrists remind…
That you had sisters at home and still you were so unkind…
In order to prove how manly you were
you have put a spot of shame on the face of every individual….
Was being a girl was the fault I did?
That in the moving bus I was assaulted…
And that act was such a shame
that it defamed every man’s name…
And now every girl questions her security needs
As in the faces of humans there are so many beasts….


II Poetry Contest: I am a human

by Chirayuwriter

Not you are killer madam who kills you daily From an “Evil minded to the Scornful Brain” more over harsh through physical action on a body to the Mentally visual trauma which smears a beautiful skin,
I’m a human from a humane world not from so called “nauseating mankind.
Who forget before restricting or belittling a thing in a life or ruling on it because it’s not only a child, girl, woman, but a life where everyone suffers one day in a context to understand the concept is ”
say no” it’s enough to say no to the things which are wrong as you are facing in your life or from mindless peoples, especially a prick touches you from your love one’s “say no”
to the things which are out of your control,
no more “racism”,
no more “sacrifice”,
no more “tears”,
no more ” Compromise ”
no more “depression” and
say no to “insomniac” as
well those torment
which are life long given by someone to you or anything which is an incommunicable disease makes you a patient of over thinking.
“Say no” to “Don’t stare at me”.


II Poetry Contest: My Mom

by Arshiya Hussain

You made me into who I am from who I was,
Without demanding for any applause.
Sacrificing your own comfort and luxury,
You stood beside me during my every injury.
Alone you struggled for even my smallest happiness,
I wonder how should I thank you YOUR HIGHNESS.

You took my care with such grace and pride,
I really feel blessed to be your child.
You’ve been my shelter in every storm,
Cared for my sickness all night long.
You’re the biggest inspiration in my life,
You did all my work and didn’t even let me hold a knife.
Doesn’t matter what I loose
You’re my most important gain,
You’re the best medicine of my every pain.
You’re my strength when I’m weak,
You become my voice when I couldn’t speak.
I promise to never leave you alone,
Proving that we’re two bodies and one soul.

And when the angel of death will arrive,
I’ll book my ticket along you giving her a little bribe.
I can’t imagine my world without you,
Then I’d become a mystery without any clue,
Because incomplete to each other
You’re my sun and I’m your moon.

You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever come across,
And if we have a bet with God
I want to win you in my every toss.
I pray destiny wouldn’t ever do us apart,
‘Cuz mommy you’re my world
And you will always be in my heart.


II Poetry Contest: Woman

by Vinita Agrawal

Like a plastic palmyra showcased at the front door
A rag doll – gloved, thumb-printed, buttressed
bruised, soughed, oboe-d
and at the end of it all – grey like the ash of a rose.

Rabbit-like. Fearful, frightened.
Babbling, burbling, dripping
scurrying, stumbling, succumbing
until reduced to a sobbing choir of broken hummingbirds.

She is his color-card for abuse
one shade for every kind;
to rape, demean, curb, thrash, burn, mutilate, violate, intimidate,
a fertile ground for the plough of his madness.

She is no one. She is nothing.
She is dry yellow grass, an invasive weed
sawdust, thorn, nettle.
an abandoned trellis on which he pegs his evils.

But really, she is none of these.
She is a cause to be fought for in her own voice.
Though sandpapered by scars of a thousand hard years
her resilience is still intact.

Woman – she shines in a light of her own – ever evolving
weaving a special bond with her sisterhood
no veil, no hijab, no purdah can conceal her strength
nothing can keep her down.

She is Ma Durga, Ma Kali, Ling Bhairavi
Jwala, Amba, Bhavani
the fierce rider of tigers, spewer of fire
killer of demons, drinker of blood.

She is the twin of every aspect that exists in the universe
the half of the whole called man
She is Shakti. The bearer of souls.
Because of her man exists.


II Poetry Contest: Second Place

by Rahmat, a 300lvl student of Adult Education

I’m a woman, in pride and honour I glow
In power and motivation I flow
In love and affection I drown for the prince of my heart
A golden heart he had with a charming apparition
His display of humanity and integrity gave more hope of security to my soul.
The luckiest woman I ever thought I was
The king of my heart I got married to and in his castle of love, i lived
The beast of my heart he became after a hard hit on my face
A mistake he confessed it was
My generous heart could not hold a brief of forgiveness
In his stronghold i lived till my innocent soul survived a coma after another domestic abuse
I thought he could be forgiven after a whole lots of plead and care till I realized that I’ve been paralysed
I screamed to voice out but his threat held me back
Oh my pride, my integrity, my honour and all vanished!
My dignity wept at the present of His apparition as his threat keep warning me never to voice out
I was left with no choice to as I crave to be the woman I used to be
My voice was heard at the hospital bed and my freedom untied
And then I became the woman I used to be


II Poetry Contest-Second Place: Sacrifice

by Paris Holmes

Utilizing OUR bodies to carry and give life.
Sometimes giving up dreams to focus on being an amazing mother or wife.
Replacing OUR last name with trust.
Sacrifice is strength which is implanted in US.
The amount WE have to love repeatedly, even after abuse.
The necessary roles WE fill or even the ones WE don’t choose .
The strength WE contain to do what it takes to provide for OUR own, when force to be alone, or to survive.
Strength is consistently permanent within US.
Love gives US an undeniable drive.
Uncontrollably seeping through OUR hearts.
Subconsciously giving a piece of OURSELVES to love as hard as WE can.
Even during moments that are unplanned.
WE are the absolute definition of essential.
Plethora of possibilities to offer in life.
Way beyond potential.
Because WE are resilient, OUR need on this earth is a must.
To show men, boys, and especially little girls what it’s like to be amazing creatures like US.


II Poetry Contest: First place

by Jen Liz

See nothing can stop her now
She finally knows her worth
Fulfilled & heavy with self-love
she treads ever so lightly on this earth

She’s come all this way
& She refuses to stop now
She made a promise to herself
Her most powerful vow.

Because a woman’s promise is way more than just that
It’s her soul pouring words
She engraves forever on her heart like a tat

So understand this…
A strong woman cannot be shaken
For she is like the ocean
No matter what; it can’t be taken.


II Poetry Contest: The Winners

poetrycontest Dear Participants,

I want to thank you one more time for participating in the contest. We got submissions from different parts of the World, and we are very happy for reaching women and girls in urban and rural areas of Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Americas.


You should be proud of speaking up about your feelings, your life, and our rights. Making the society aware that every minute a woman is disrespected, violated, and abused.


Art is a tool for us. By expressing our traumas and thoughts into written words and/or visual arts we are translating the pain, and demanding changes.


I read and re-read every single poem. Some of them made me cry, others made me happy and stronger. I wish I could give everyone the first prize. Please consider yourself a winner. Congratulations to everyone!!!

I sent an e-mail to all of you explaining that was very hard to pick only one.  I made the decision to award three poems according to the judges and then finally my vote. 

I have the honor to congratulate:

First place (judges’ votes): Jen Liz “See nothing can stop her now” 

The poem will be posted tomorrow 5/15.

Second place (judges’ votes and my vote):

Paris Holmes “Sacrifice”

The poem will be posted Tuesday 5/16.


Rahmat, a 300lvl student of Adult Education “I’m a woman, in pride and honour I glow” 

The poem will be posted Wednesday 5/17.

Thank you for your touching words!!

Congratulations to all of you!!

Inspire for a better life!!


Vanessa Daniela





II Poetry Contest: The beggar’s child

by robbiesinspiration

At the traffic light she stands;
On her back, a small boy;
His eyes round; deep black;
In a wizen face, bereft of joy.

What thoughts cross his mind?
As he observes in his childish way;
The endless traffic that passes by;
Throughout each and every long day.

Their well-fed occupants flash by;
Their faces just at his line of sight;
What feelings in him are aroused?
As they ignore his desperate plight.

Does it make him feel invisible?
Unwelcome in this troublesome life;
Does it develop into feelings of despair?
As their complacency cuts like a knife.

The cards he has been dealt, provide;
few opportunities to improve and learn;
How frustrating to watch the world pass by;
Knowing it will never be your turn.

If we want to see real change and difference;
We must start to recognise and right;
The casualties of poverty and indifference;
Even if our individual contribution is slight.



II Poetry Contest: Strong (A poem for Woman)

by Charis Ayuk

I am the spring that waters,
the wind that blows,
the air that fans the hearth –
raising the fire to life

It is in me you plant
the seeds of life
that I water
It is the best of me
I bring forth
at every harvest

I am the crashing waves,
the burning sun,
the glowing moon –
that speaks to you;
telling you of my fears and frustrations
sharing my joys and sorrows…
Only if you are worthy.

I am capable –
if you give me a chance
Or if not,
I make my own

I am here to prove nothing
Yet, I prove my worth
again and again…

I am strong –
not because of you
But because
it is all I can be…


II Poetry Contest: Ferocious Women

by Brenda Davis Harsham

Ferocious Women
who never bring you coffee
dream in poetry

warm art in their core
climb like smoke from a fire
leave a wild song

stir alive
wizards and wolves
in a rush of green and gold and gray

weather awful times
shake-awake the world to good
wear their stories with a smile

eat masks, drip truth,
radical truth,
(I do not exaggerate)

find joy in life
moments to intertwine
connect, concentrate

make a ferocious dinner
drink the wind in exaltation
save softness for dessert

Ferocious Women
storm in words that endure,




Female Poets Expedition Series – Brazil

This week’s female poet is from Brazil. 


Cecilia Meireles was a Brazilian poet part of the Brazilian Modernism movement. She was orphan by the age of 3 and was raised by her grandmother. Cecilia started writing poems when she was 9 years old and later dedicated her studies to primary education. Her first book, “Espectros,” was published in 1919.

During her career, Cecilia participated in conferences and symposiums around the World. She thought literature at the University of Texas and also earned the Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of India.

Meireles promoted educational reform and the construction of children’s libraries in Brazil.


I sing because the moment exists
and my life is complete.
I am not happy nor sad;
I am a poet.
Brother of the ephemeral
I do not feel joy nor agony.
I cross nights and days
in the wind.
Whether I break down or build up,
whether I stay or disperse,
-I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know if I stay
or walk away.
I do know that I sing. And the song is everything.
It has the eternal blood of a rhythmic wing.
One day I know I will be mute:
-nothing more
Indeed, there are lots of great female poets in Brazil. Let us know your favorite one.
Source Image – Revista Bula

Female Poets Expedition Series – India


lg113_-973092265_PThis week’s female poet is from India.

Kamala Surayya / Suraiyya also known as Kamala Das was a major Indian English poet. Even though she was born in an aristocratic family and was educated, Kamala went thru an arranged marriage at the age of 15. Madhavikutty – “the child-wife of Madhava,” her pen name, started publishing stories at the early age and used her pen name to avoid family conflicts. Around that time, she also started writing poems in English.

Kamala Das spoke up about racism, sexuality, and women’s rights in India. The Descendants is one of her most famous poetry books.


Someone Else’s 

I am a million, million people
Talking all at once, with voices
Raised in clamour, like maids
At village-wells.

I am a million, million deaths
Pox-clustered, each a drying seed
Someday to be shed, to grow for
Someone else, a memory.

I am a million, million births
Flushed with triumphant blood, each a growing
Thing that thrusts its long-nailed hands
To scar the hollow air.

I am a million, million silences
Strung like crystal beads
Onto someone else’s

Indeed, there are lots of great female poets in India. Let us know your favorite one.

Source image: My Poetic Side




Female Poets Expedition Series


Poetry is an art of expression thru words. It is a way to tell our stories, our feelings, and our opinions about a subject. A poem introduces children to poetry and can help them to develop writing and art skills. Besides, poetry can assist people to overcome traumatic experiences. For these reasons, our project encourages girls and women to engage in Poetry.

Promoting poetry contests in our blog inspires females of any age. Knowing about other female poets around the World give us the support and the motivation to be brave.

Our series “Female Poets Expedition” invite you to embark on a journey and experience the World thru words. Giving all of us – women knowledge and motivation to write messages to change the way that society sees and treats us.

Female Poets Expedition will have a post every Thursday on our main page.

Our first stop is India… See you tomorrow!

Source Image: http://eastendlocal.com/event/poetry-around-the-world/



by Mariana Laviaguerre

During 2014-2015, #syphilis rates increased in every region, a majority of age groups, and across almost every race/ethnicity. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (#STD) that can have very serious complications when left untreated. Without appropriate treatment, long- term infection can result in several medical problems affecting the heart, brain, and other organs of the body.

Learn more by visiting the STD Awareness Month website: http://www.cdc.gov/std/sam/




by Mariana Laviaguerre


If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected, or if you are a child who is being maltreated, contact your local child protective services office or law enforcement agency so professionals can assess the situation. Many States have a toll-free number to call to report suspected child abuse or neglect. To find out where to call, visit childwelfare.gov

Childhelp® is a national organization that provides crisis assistance and other counseling and referral services. The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline external links staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with professional crisis counselors who have access to a database of 55,000 emergencies, social service, and support resources. All calls are anonymous.


Putting up with spit up

I was walking on 14th Street in New York around 6:30 pm on Tuesday. Thinking about my son’s birthday part and having thoughts filled with joy about the entire celebration.  Suddenly, I heard somebody spitting up, in less than a second, I felt a disgusting substance on my eye.  A handle guy spat upon my eye.  He kept walking like nothing happened. I was not sure whether he did on purpose or not because he just ignored his inappropriate behavior.


Source Image: Jason Smith

He looked like a homeless, and I had various reactions and thoughts. I did curse, but he did not hear. I wanted to chase and hit him, but violence generates violence. So, I searched for cops, and I did not find any. Finally, I gave up and took the train thinking about the situation.

It was impolite, and for sure it is was unacceptable behavior. However, I was glad that was only a spit. Sadly, I thought about women’s and children that are victims of an acid attack in many countries in South-East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the West Indies and the Middle East.

Most of the cases are unreported, and the victims are scared inside and outside for the rest of their lives. This issue is something that needs to be discussed intensely in a separate article, but I guess some situations happen to be analyzed further later on.

Even though the spit up was disrespectful, I was able to overcome the situation by putting myself on somebody else shoes.



by Mariana Laviaguerre 


Once nearing elimination, national data find that syphilis is now thriving. Reported cases and rates for primary and secondary syphilis are at a 20-year high. Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men face continuously high and rising rates of the disease. Rates are also on the rise among women, multiple age groups, all regions, and among almost every race/ethnicity. Syphilis’s resurgence highlights its ability to affect many communities at anytime and anywhere. We cannot accept this as the new normal, and together, we can and must reverse these increases.
Learn more by visiting the STD Awareness Month website:



Women of Influence Series

by Vanessa Daniela

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.57.06 PM

Women of Influence is the ten episode series brought by B&H, with the support of  Canon and Sony, premiered on International Women’s Day. Each episode interviews remarkable women that face their challenges in photographic and filmmaking career. It talks about their challenges in building their career and how they grounded their roots in this competitive industry.

The series can be found on B&H website and on Youtube.



Gender Equality Month


by Mariana Laviaguerre

Around the World, 63 million girls are currently out of school – that is almost the same size as the entire population of UK. Even if a girl does make it to primary education, the drop-out rate before she reaches secondary school is steep. The majority of girls in Sub-Saharan Africa do not complete their secondary education. The impact this has on their lives can be devastating. Girls who do not complete school are not only more likely to live in extreme poverty, they also miss out on the vital knowledge that affects all areas of life – from how to protect their sexual health to how to defend their own human rights. For example, one study found that non-literate women were four times more likely to believe HIV could not be prevented.

Without an education, any girl would struggle to protect herself and fully take control in her future.

Photo credit: Erick McGregor/Pacific/Barcroft


Black Women’s Empowerment: The Story of Fashion Designer Ann Cole Lowe


by Vanessa Daniela

Last Saturday, I decided to go to Story Time with my son at the Word Bookstore in Jersey City.  I did not have time to look at the schedule to see which book or author would be reading.

My son is very young, so I am just trying to get he used to read books and listen to knowledgeable writers. Indeed, I am hoping that he will enjoy reading books about diversity, race, culture, art, etc…Anything that will make him open minded, kind and respectful to everyone.

When I got at the bookstore, the cover and the name caught my attention, Fancy Party Gowns, by Deborah Blumenthal. Even though, I knew it my son would not pay attention I decided to stay.

Surprisingly, he sat in my lap, and we listened to the story, and I could enjoy the meaningful and sad story of Ann Cole Lowe. An African American stylist that barely recognized for her work. Her most famous dresses were the Jackeline Kennedy’s wedding dress and Olivia de Havilland’s dress at the Oscars when she won for the Best Actress in To Each His Own.

I believe that her story is important for any girl especially for those classified as the minority. We must continue our journey of pursuing our dreams ignoring the Society label.







Women’s Day: HEFORSHE Press Launch


Hi Everyone,

I started my day at the HEFORSHE Press Launch at the Lincoln Center this morning. The event kicked off the HeForShe Arts Week that is happening in different towns in the World, (NYC, London, Paris, Madrid, Bangkok, Santiago do Chile, Sao Paulo, and Panama City), from March 8th to 15th. The Arts Week aims at raising awareness and funding for gender equality through the arts.

Also, I had the opportunity to hear UN and local leaders, and film starts talking about Gender Equality. Efficiently they presented statistics about women in the workforce and their hopes, and goals to fix inequality in the workplace. In NYC, eliminating the wage gap in all boroughs is one of the top priorities mentioned by Chirlane McCray, First Lady of New York City.

Listening to motivated voices opened my mind to new ideas. Indeed,  I am on the write path by bringing awareness to gender equality thru media and art. “The Arts give us license to experience something new, to express ourselves, and to openly question our culture.” – Emma Watson, Actor and UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador

Please feel free to share your ideas with us. We are here for you.

Enjoy your day!!

Vanesa Daniela

Please find the list of speakers:

Chirlane McCray, First Lady of New York City

Bjarni Benediktsson, His Excellency, Prime Minister of Iceland & HeForShe IMPACT Champion.

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Under Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women

Édgar Ramírez, Actor & UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

Jill Kaplan, Publisher and Vice President, Crain’s New York Business Chair, Women’s Leadership Council, Lincoln Center Corporate Fund

Grace McLean, Lincoln Center Emerging Artist Award winner

Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director, The Public Theater


via Tragedy to Triumph: How sewing lessons are changing the lives of women with fistula — Girls’ Globe

Written by Samantha Bossalini, Development and Communications Associate The city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is anything but quiet. An increasingly modern metropolis overlooking the Indian Ocean, Dar is home to 4.4 million people, and is one of the fastest growing cities on the African continent. It’s a cacophony of noises, sounds, colors, and smells; […]

via Tragedy to Triumph: How sewing lessons are changing the lives of women with fistula — Girls’ Globe


Photo Contest: Rules and Prizes


Image Source: NewSD.

Entry Rules

  1. Women and Girls of any age.
  2. Minors under 18 are eligible with parents consent.
  3.  The participant can live in any country in the World as long as the entrant has access to Paypal to receive the prize.
  4. Must be your own original work.
  5. The photographer(s) must be the author(s) of the pictures submitted in her name.
  6. All the pictures are going to be posted on our website and our social media channels


The participant can choose any theme listed below

  1. Women’s Rights
  2. Self- Harm Awareness
  3. Gender Equality
  4. Elimination of Racial Discrimination


  1. The entrant must submit the form below.
  2. Should submit images have more than one individual to be credited, the names must be provided on the entry form.
  3. The participant can send up to 3 pictures with the theme and description to weareallthesameproject@gmail.com by March 31st.
  4. Photos must be submitted in either jpg file formats and not exceed 1gb per entry.


First Place: U$50.00 +Photography Magazine Subscription (Photo Pro, Popular Photography or Digital Photography)

Second Place: U$25.00 +Photography Magazine Subscription (Photo Pro, Popular Photography or Digital Photography)

Entry Deadline

All pictures must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on March 31st.


  1. First place will be judged by professionals invited by We Are All The Same Project.
  2. Second place will be selected by the public. The photo that receives more votes on the website and/or social media.
  3. The participant can share the link on their own blog and/or social media channels so they can increase their chance of winning the second place.
  4. The results will be posted on the website by April 15th.
  5. Only the winners are going to be contacted by our commission.
  6. All the pictures are going to be published, on the We Are All The Same Project website and on the social media channels, with the credit provided by the participant.

By entering the Contest, entrant represents, acknowledges and warrants that the submitted Photograph and Description are original works created solely by the entrant and that no other party has any right, title, claim or interest in the Photograph or the Description.


Women’s History Month: Photo Contest


Most of the countries around the globe celebrate Women’s History Month in March. It is a unique month that also brings awareness to Women’s Rights, Self- Harm, Gender Equality, and Elimination of Racial Discrimination. In appreciation of each action, We Are All The Same Project is promoting our First Photography Contest that will take place on our website after March 5th.

Click here for more info about the contest.

Help us spread the word about Women’s Rights, Race and Gender Equality.

Inspire kindness and love.

Image Source: Pedro Quintela 


via Raising Awareness of Menstruation and Sustainability in India — Girls’ Globe

During a visit to Auroville, India a couple of days ago I was happy to have the opportunity to chat briefly with Eco Femme co-founder Kathy Walkling in between customers at their busy stall at the market. I had already heard about Eco Femme before I came to India and I was exited to meet the […]

via Raising Awareness of Menstruation and Sustainability in India — Girls’ Globe



by Vanessa Daniela

Dark walls of copper hiding past bloodshed.

Fearing to be part of a new horrifying scenario of selfish minds.

Defining a fake pure race composed by the color wheel unification.

Vast spectrum and hues which are meaningful only on the diagrams.

Preference of colors is chosen by an egocentric society who has never been plain.

Nuance of your diluted blends is being denied –

by discriminating diversity and by forging your own identity and roots.

Shameless society – abnegating their own heritage to support segregation

Segregation of love and culture torn apart from your heart and mind.





Poetry Contest: Warrior Goddess Arising

by Shaquana Gardner

Swift like a lion upon prey

Grounded like the gravity of my ME

An awakening has arisen inside of me

My whisper has grown into a RAW, decisively

I am expanding tenfold, righteously

The bulb within me is working, precisely

I am awake


Back like the Queen of the Damned


The Goddess of my soul

The Warrior of my Being

The SheShe of my BeMe




Poetry Contest: What Happened to Sarah?

By Liz Leighton

She was like an expensive dog:
An elaborate pedigree
Paired with a high-strung demeanor
That intensified with age

Upon a senseless flight of fancy
I looked up her death date on Wikipedia


To see if her spirit had flown from her body
Into that of my unborn daughter
So that they may be one

No such luck

I was probably some babbling termagant in my last life

Do you think he did it?

Somebody did it.

But do you think he did it?

I don’t know

She said he did it

He said he didn’t do it

To disbelieve would be a betrayal

I don’t think he did it

But she would know better than I

God stands on the scaffolding of Heaven
But does not deign to look at his mess below


Poetry Contest: I Do This Because I Don’t Think I Can

by Ally Iseman

I do this because I don’t think I can.
Because sometimes I wake up and can’t even stand,
But I do get up and I brush my teeth,
Because you never know who you might meet,
Or what opportunities will present themselves,
Or what ideas you might take off the shelves.

I do this because I don’t think I can.
Because I always thought that I needed a man,
To thrive,
But that was just a lie.
And now I’m finding out what it takes to fly.

I do this because I don’t think I can.
Because the unknown is all that I have in my hand.
My success is found in the actions I take.
It hides just beyond the limits I break,
From within,
Or created outside.
No barrier I meet is a reason to hide,
My greatness.
My rhythm and soul,
Will breakthrough whatever cages my goal.

I do this because I don’t think I can.
To inspire my sisters to be more than a fan,
To walk through the fire created by fears,
So that the rest of their lives will be made up of years,
Of joy,
Of freedom and zest,
For the very best thing that they have left.
The best,
Of themselves in the light.
Empowered by action,
Their dreams taking flight.

I do this because I don’t think I can.
Because carrying my shame seemed like more of a plan.
A cautionary tale of survival,
That I forfeited in order to stage a revival,
Of my life,
My self and my passion,
Which are flowering now in a very full fashion.
I do this because I don’t think I can.
Because knowing our worth involves creating a ban,
On the vampires,
Who drain out our light,
Just as our dreams are about to take flight.

I do this because I don’t think I can.
Because I have no other option than to now take a stand,
For myself,
For my voice and my art,
For without those things I was falling apart,
At the seams,
I lost all of myself.
And regaining that will take far more than wealth.

I do this because I don’t think I can.
Because proving me wrong will allow me to land,
On the truth,
That has always been there,
Lying in front of me naked and bare.
That I’m powerful,
And graceful and strong,
And accepting those facts couldn’t be further from wrong.

I do this because I don’t think I can.
Because the Creative Force in me is breaking the damn,
Built by doubts,
And lies and self hate.
The river is rushing I can no longer wait,
To reveal,
What I know to be true:
I do this because I know you can too.


via The Gender Boundaries Imposed on Children in India — Girls’ Globe

Many children worldwide have grown up playing with Barbie dolls and Transformers. You can perhaps guess which children played with which toys. From the time of our birth we are taught the ways in which males and females should conduct themselves. Why does society enforce such restrictions from the moment a child is born? Too often, our society sees men as […]

via The Gender Boundaries Imposed on Children in India — Girls’ Globe


Poetry Contest: I’m Better Off

by Alivia Massimillo

I’m sure you’re expecting a text
Wondering if I have planned in my head “What comes next?”
But don’t worry,
That won’t come.
Unlike most females my age, I’ve grown numb.
I fear commitment, enjoy breaking ties,
I’ve learned the power and worth of a bunch lies.
Love has proved powerless, in essence, fool’s gold
Struck with heartbreak,
I’ve become someone you can’t shake
So wait for my text,
I assure you, unlike your initial thoughts, I won’t be planning what’s next.


Poetry Contest: Respect

by Marlee Roberts

I think you forgot who you were dealing with
and for a moment, I almost forgot
her too.

She is not a passive woman who waits idly for your return. She works.
She is not a subdued woman who shuts up when you begin to speak. She has a voice.
She is not a reticent woman who suppresses how she feels. She delivers.
She is not proud woman who can’t own up to her mistakes. She asks forgiveness.
She is a not a scapegoat for your own flaws. She is not to blame.
She is not a doormat to be stepped on. She deserves respect.

She is back. She is strong. She has overcome. And she will again.


Poetry Contest: Peacock

by Alexandra Anna Romanczuk

You pry open my pages professing
You’ve read this novel before

Distant and bored

I am a myriad of women

Rewritten every day

Hold me up to the light

Prism am I

Behold the rainbow sight

I am no fish to be caught

In your omniscient silver net

You will not possess me

Though you claim my hip with your hand

I could not bear to be yours

I am Earth’s daughter

Voluminous, blossoming

I am a woman- luminous

The dance of creation swims

In the sway of these too wide hips

For every art

There is a critic

I do not need an offhand sonnet

From an offhand man

To know I am a treasure

You are transparent

A puffed up peacock

Go- I will not bleed


Poetry Contest: Queen

by Patrice Jackson

A queen,
who quintessence should be felt
when making an entrance
leaving a distant, tactile memory
while her spirit leave an ambivalent
feeling on the mind of other queens
trying to figure out her personality
and class

A queen will never settle
her luscious taste is superior
like fine wine
the smell of her prestige fragrance
aroma lingers in the air like a tropical sea breeze
her persona is standoffish and quiescent
bring about envy of another

A queen honors her king
when the connection become rough
she doesn’t distress
she walks with her head uplifted
makes an immolation choice
go into her private surrounding
she go within intercessor prayer
for her king; family

A queen with sky-high confidence
have bittersweet moments
from fellow women
her flamboyant psyche
leave a sour taste
she is often arcane by a few
many try to figure out her secrets


Poetry Contest: An Encyclical on Cosmetology

by Samantha DeFlitch

I am infinite,

cloaked in memory.

My eyes have watched nations rise and fall, my ears
heard the owl cry at midnight. Upon the mountains,
calloused feet walked in moonlit splendor.

I have arms that nurse the sick,
lips that comfort the dying,
a body that holds the bridge between worlds.

A thousand thousand tales burst beneath my skin:

I have seen the northern lights dance
across a vast, unending sky,
joined a hundred candles blazing
on a warm summer’s eve.
Snow and ice my hands have battled
while the sun set, clear and rose, against the horizon
and with frozen bones
I toiled on-

and when they thawed, my fingers
held the thurible as incense rose
through light of stained glass.

I have touched soil.
I have smelled fresh bread.
I have known life and death.
I have watched the moon rise in the north.
I have walked in frosty fields at dawn.

The things I could speak into existence!

But for all my knowledge, you only want to know
why you cannot touch my hair.


Happy Valentine’s Day

by Vanessa Daniela

Shouting real love to each other.

Behind the worthless past, we reunite in a peaceful world.

With a equality state of mind, we express our gratitude for having each other.

No poverty, no war, no disrespect…

Only harmony and order united in each peace of land.

Cosmic blessings covering our minds with wisdom.

Our wisdom building communities with love –

where freedom and respect are incorporate without hesitation.

Being encouraged, being supportive and being proactive.

Close to perfection, close to heaven, close to apex of love…

Overflowing happiness and sharing meaningful words to everyone

Uncountable times thankful for having you all in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Poem Contest: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

by Mary Willette Hughes

Angry air surrounds him,
turns electric, sizzles.

Her splayed hands thrust out,
arc-spread, like the ribs
of a spider’s web, but his power
sweeps her down, his words
and fist invade her. She fades
into the old, familiar shadows
of shame, anger, silence, pain.

He gathers his weapons of anger,
slams out the kitchen door.

She rises slowly; she vows
to leave his cyclone rage,
to create a life alone. Fragile,
yet tensile as a web-thread, she
seeks her cell phone’s life line,
presses a memorized number
and waits, counting the rings.

She gathers silence, like flowers,
and begins to weave a new design.


Poetry Contest: Women Who Wander

by Ana R.

A local girl washed my hair
Her smile toothy and hair choppy
Her eyes bright and voice gentle
She said she wants to wander, too
Far far away from here
And study a million marvelous things
She didn’t know yet that girls
Are not supposed to become women who wander
Who never stay long
I hope she does wander one day like me
But because of joy
Rather than because of grief
I hope I have bright eyes again someday like her
But because I know the good things in this world
Far outnumber the bad
Even for women who wander
And seek life with bright eyes


Poetry Contest: When You Fall

by  Laura Santner

You will fall
And oh will you fall far sometimes
And not know where to go
And not know where you went
And not know how to speak
But child,
You will learn
Take it all in
And write your sorrows
To find your joy again
Show yourself hope
That got caught in your heart
It’s ok to be uncertain
It’s ok to feel alone
Gather your strength
And I promise child
You will pick yourself back up
And rise
And shine
You will have these moments
And remember that despair is fleeting
Look beyond your dark days
Love your limitations
And think
Because new doors will open every dawn
And discoveries will be made
My child, oh child
You can be that star you dream of
But you must dare to dream it to begin


Poetry Contest: Please don’t

by Sophie May

Please don’t catch me when I fall, because I want to be the one who knows how to pick herself up.

Please don’t whisper me sweet things, for I don’t quite understand those words yet.

Please don’t tell me you love me because I have yet to learn what love really is.

Please don’t serenade me with soft songs, for I will not be able to hear the music.

Please don’t tell me I’m beautiful because I can’t see what you do.

Please don’t tell me it’s going to be ok for I have heard that so many times those words have lost their meaning.

Please don’t tell me to be quite as that will only make me yell louder.

Please don’t get mad at me when I shut off for you don’t know the pain held in behind these doors.

Please don’t stay with me because you think I can’t live without you because you could not be more wrong.

Please do not think that I am only as much as you make me for I will not be changed by you.

Please don’t get mad when I cannot do those things the girls in the short skirts and tight tops do, they aren’t me.

Please don’t compare me to other women, I don’t want to be boxed.

Please don’t try and take me, for you will never find me and you will never own me or any other woman.

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A 20-year-old man from Crescent City, California, has pleaded guilty to drugging and raping his […]

via ‘Smug’ 20-year-old who drugged and raped his teenage sister could spend just 4 months in jail — Women in the World in Association with The New York Times – WITW

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We now know the names of the 22 people confirmed dead in the attack in Manchester, and we know the 17 of them were women and girls. Whilst not to deny or denigrate the lives of the 5 men that were also taken, it is essential that we view the attack as an attack on […]

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Let’s Talk Equality: Midwives of the World – Part 1

Girls' Globe

In order to reach a completely equal society, all basic human rights need to be secured. One of these is maternal health. The success of a country can often be traced back to successful maternal health programming. Therefore, my project partner Anna and I decided to create a documentary series about midwives around the world.

To create this documentary and to get a fair picture of the situation for mothers and midwives around the world, we have collaborated with the White Ribbon Alliance (WRA). The WRA is an incredible organization for maternal health, and a network for volunteers  from all over the world. We decided to focus on White Ribbon Alliance Indonesia, or “APPI” (Aliansi Pita Putih Indonesia), and visited their team in Jakarta earlier this year. With the three parts of our documentary, we hope to do two things. One is to present a fair picture and comparison…

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Politics in the face of FGM: Kenya Edition

Girls' Globe

Kenya is scheduled to hold presidential elections this coming August. In every election cycle, citizens engage in dialogue and negotiations with their respective political aspirants regarding pressing local issues. Based on past election cycles, these issues include infrastructure, healthcare, education, sanitation, food, security and peace – among others.

In democratic societies, communication between leadership and citizens ensures that information vital to the existence, survival and development of constituents is available to them in a timely and balanced manner. Thus, the visible silence regarding harmful cultural practices by the candidates vying for the various positions in Kenya this year is hugely significant.

Given the officialdom associated with  legislators such as Members of County Assembly (MCAs), Members of Parliament (MPs) and other elected officials, the campaign period provides a perfect opportunity for members of the public to access  prospective power wielders. This is particularly important because, apart from being eventually responsible for…

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